Buying and Selling Gold

Do you have old or broken jewelry that you don't wear anymore?

Do have old coins, watches or even dental gold?

Bring it in to Hart's Jewelry and we'll probably buy it on the spot!

We buy all types of gold jewelry, diamonds, silver, platinum, palladium and many types of coins and bullion.

We buy US coins minted before 1965. And any silver or gold coin from around the world!!

We buy sterling silver table settings...knives, forks, spoons, ladels and more!

Feel free to bring in your old jewelry, diamonds, watches, coins and bullion.

We will help you determine what you have and then make you an offer.

I think you will be surprised by how much you can get for it!

Hart's has been buying these things for years and will offer you the best price around.

Turn your old stuff in to cash at Harts!

The price of gold changes by the minute so I've included this chart for your information.